Homestyle Recipes

Granny was always a baker first and foremost. The sweet doughy aromas innately drew us to the kitchen to get a closer whiff. Today, her homestyle recipes conjure up a taste of a simpler time. Help preserve these classic dishes by enjoying them with a loved one or in your own perfect solitude.


The ancient Greeks invented pie thousands of years ago and its legacy continues to grow. The local townsfolk considered Granny to be a pie wizard as she masterfully turned out a dozen different varieties on all major holidays, including Martin Luther King Day. Keep her tradtion alive and indulge in one of her classics today.


It's hard to believe but there other types of dessert besides pie. From cakes to cookies to candies and beyond, explore all the old-fashioned baked goods your sweet tooth could desire.


A prized possession of Alaskan pioneers, an active sourdough starter could sustain a family through a hard winter. The process can be intimidating at first but practice makes perfect. Starting a sourdough culture is like adopting a pet. Can you undertake the responsibility?

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