From the Great Beyond:
Channelin' Granny's Guide to the Occult

Granny channels a spirit from a pot of stew

At Channelin' Granny, we're inviting you to step into the extraordinary, where culinary artistry converges with the enigmatic world of the occult. Our journey began with a vision that transcended the ordinary. In October 2019, Louise Proctor, a statistician and the illustrious Yahtzee celebrity, found herself in an extraordinary encounter with the paranormal. It was an ethereal connection that set the stage for a captivating exploration – an exploration that defied the boundaries of time and space, and has now opened a portal to the mystical realm of comfort food with an enchanting twist.

This portal to the unknown was initiated by an otherworldly visitor, the ghostly apparition of a wise and ageless grandmother. The process of communication was a patient and determined one, requiring hours of experimentation to establish a means of connection. But as the spirit's message became clear, the essence of an ancient treasure was unveiled: the long-lost recipe for an early 18th-century mincemeat pie. It was a connection between the tangible and the spectral, an exchange that bridged the past and the present, and an introduction to a culinary adventure that defies the ordinary.

Channelin' Granny's Occult Culinary Haven is a place where ancestral knowledge mingles with gastronomic artistry, where recipes become incantations, and where each dish carries a touch of the mystical. Join us in this exceptional realm, where comfort food takes on a new and enchanting dimension. Here, we celebrate the extraordinary, embrace the mystical, and explore the limitless possibilities that lie within the world of the occult. Welcome to a culinary haven where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where Channelin' Granny's remarkable vision becomes a reality on your plate.